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YY100 TRVV Ultra high flexible 10 million control drag chain cables without shielding servo multiconductor Torsionable data cables and control cables

High -speed ultra high flexible 10 million control drag chain cables are used for data and signal cables in the drag system; sensing technology and computing mechanical control equipment, the overall copper shielding ensures accurate data transmission and protects the cable from electromagnetic interference. Ultra -high -speed flexible control cables are often used in automation equipment, robots, etc.


YY100 TRVV Ultra high flexible 10 million control drag chain cables without shielding servo multiconductor Torsionable data cables and control cables

Ultra -high -speed motion tight -type drag chain control cables are suitable for mechanical equipment and machine tools, high loads, and high -flexible high -speed drag chain bend applications. This ultra -high flexible cable uses special modified insulation materials and external quilt materials, as well as special structures, has high abrasion resistance and medium resistance, can withstand long -term acceleration, deceleration, stretching and compression stress, and 10 million times, and 20 million times The above periodic bending and maintaining high stability.

Technical Parameter


Comply with EU RoHS and Reach regulations


adopts high-quality tinned copper stranded copper wire

Insulation material

Special PVC sheath with high flexibility

Temperature range:

Mobile installation -5 °C to +70°c 

Fixed installation -15 °C to +80°c

Insulation resistance:

Minimum 20 MOhm x km

Outer sheath

Modified PVC mate

Minimum bending radius:

Mobile installation 7.5×cable diameter 

Fixed installation 6×cable diameter

Nominal voltage

Uo/U 300/300 V

Test voltage

1500 V


It is especially suitable for continuous ultra-high flexibility and high-speed towline bending applications of mechanical equipment and machine tools. The ultra-high flexible cable uses specially modified insulating materials and outer covering
materials, which have high abrasion resistance and medium resistance, and can withstand long-term acceleration, deceleration, tensile and compressive stress, and more than ten million cycles of periodic bending , And always maintain high stability.

Control Cable Structure 

1. Bare copper conductor, ultra-fine copper wire Comply with DIN VDE0295 category 6 and IEC 60228 category 6

2. Special PVC insulation 

3. Black core wire, with continuous white digital code, yellow-green ground wire on the outer layer (3 cores and above) 

4. The wire core is stranded in layers with the best pitch 

5. Special PVC outer sheath 

6. Gray (RAL 7001) matte

Company Profile

 Chengjia Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., established in 2009, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-end special wire and cable. Use the best raw material & Provide the best service, so as to guarantee the cables’stable performance under longtime extremely harsh working conditions.   Chengjia offers our customers the highest quality products, which complys with UL ,CE,TUV,3C  Certifications and our factory successfully obtained ISO 9001:2000.


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