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What is the difference between drag chain cable and shielded drag chain cable?

The difference between towline cable and shielded towline cable: TRVV has no shielding layer, TRVVP has shielding layer.

In today's highly developed automation, towline cables are widely used. The general models of drag chain cables we often say mainly include: TRVV/TRVVP/TRVVSP;

   The TRVV drag chain cable adopts a highly flexible unshielded structure design. The cable design uses multiple strands of ultra-fine oxygen-free bare copper wires to finely twist the bundled cable conductors, conforming to VDE 0295/IEC 60228 Class 6 standards; the cable is made of special modified elastomer nitrile material As the outer sheath of the cable, the cable has excellent basic properties of flexibility and resistance to bending. It is mainly used in drag chains, tank chains or other similar portable components to move back and forth and bend and install. The design is designed to withstand bending and service life> 5 million times. TRVV drag chain cables are widely used as highly flexible power supply connection cables.

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    The TRVVP drag chain cable is compared with the TRVV drag chain cable, and the TRVVP drag chain cable has a shielded structure design. The cable is braided with a high-density shielding net layer of tinned copper wire, which effectively resists electromagnetic interference. It is used in cyclically moving and bending occasions, and is especially suitable for occasions and environments with high requirements for anti-electromagnetic interference.




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