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Do you know the advantages and functions of the twisted-pair shielding of highly flexible drag chain cables

In order to withstand the normal use of towline cables with many sources of signal interference and ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission, we usually use twisted-pair towline cables or twisted-pair shielded towline cables. So, what is the role of twisted core wires?

    Twisted pair, also called pair twisting, is to divide the core wires of a multi-core cable into several pairs, and twist each pair separately at a certain pitch into a pair. The twisted-pair cable actually applies the principle of differential signal technology. When the two core wires of the twisted pair work, they will generate signals with equal amplitude and opposite phase, which are called differential mode signals. The two signals cancel each other out, which can eliminate interference, thereby improving the reliability of data transmission.

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    While counteracting internal interference, we also need to counter external interference sources. At this time, aluminum foil wrap is often used as the inner shield and tinned copper wire woven mesh is used as the outer shield. Yiwoda flexible cable has a shielding density of 90% with tinned copper wire braid, which can effectively resist external high-frequency electromagnetic interference.

    Under normal circumstances, we only use tinned copper wire braided mesh shield to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission. If the use environment is very harsh, it may be necessary to use aluminum foil coating and tinned copper wire braided mesh for multiple shielding.

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