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Scientific research robot cable

Chengjia robot cables are widely used in various robots, including robot body cables, robot power cables, robot control cables, robot torsion cables, robot servo cables, robot teach pendant cables, etc., and can provide cables for various robot pipeline packages solution.

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At present, Chengjia high-flexible robot cables are used in scientific research robot projects of many universities and research institutes.

Chengjia robot cables are also widely used in automated industrial systems that use ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and Yaskawa Electric robots, and cooperate with various robots to complete various operations such as welding, handling, assembly, transportation, spraying, etc., which is Industry 4.0 The realization of the silent contribution of their own value.

Chengjia's special cables for highly flexible robots are all rationally designed, made of high-performance materials and strict processing techniques. Cable torsion can reach 10-50 million times. Different materials and process formulas can be provided according to the actual application of customers. Different cable products can be provided under different working conditions such as wear resistance, oil resistance, torsion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Chengjia Cable's engineers have rich experience in the technical requirements of various cable applications, and can provide customers with the most appropriate and most suitable products.

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