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The countermeasures for anti-interference of cable

The interference is not only related to the type and length of the cable, but also to the size of the signal, the number of cycles, the anti-interference strength of the machine itself, and many other factors. Affected by its complexity, it will cause the wrong action of the machine.

More important than mitigating interference is to understand the frequency of the interference (noise, electromagnetic, etc.) that needs to be mitigated while analyzing where the interference occurs and from which part it enters.


Shielding is the most common countermeasure as an anti-interference. There are various types of shielding, and each has its own characteristics. It is necessary to select the cable according to the laying site and the surrounding electrical environment.

As an effective countermeasure against external interference such as electrostatic induction and radiation prevention, shielding mainly includes the following models.

Braided shield

The shielding structure of the cable covered with steel wire in a mesh shape, expansion and bending are also

It is not easy to damage its bending resistant shielding structure. Because of our company's woven screen

The shielding has a high shielding rate, so the anti-interference effect is better.

Horizontal roll shield

Arrange several copper wires tightly like tape and then wrap the shielding structure of the cable. Although the shielding efficiency is higher than that of the braided shield and the anti-interference is stronger, it may damage the shielding structure if it is used in the wiring of the moving part. Therefore, it is usually used for patterned wiring. In order to better improve the anti-interference effect, our company rolls another layer in the opposite direction to form a double horizontal roll shield.

Aluminum foil shield

A tape made of aluminum foil and polyester tape is rolled around the shielding structure of the wire.

It is especially suitable for reducing the interference of high frequency.

Braided shield + aluminum foil shield (dual shield)

A double shielding structure with a layer of braided shielding is added on top of the aluminum foil shielding.

Can effectively reduce the interference in the broadband domain.




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