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5 reasons why high-flex cables are not easy to break the core

5 reasons why high-flex cables are not easy to break the core

The bending-resistant cables that were widely used in the early days were mainly high-hardness and bending-resistant products.

The principle is to achieve bending resistance by increasing the hardness of the wire and maintaining a larger bending radius to minimize the burden on the conductor, but this approach does not fundamentally enhance the quality of the wire. In recent years, Gaorou has developed widely recognized cables that are not only resistant to bending but also superior in flexibility.


The high-flex cables are not only resistant to bending and long life, but also extremely flexible, suitable for use in drag chains with small bending radius. At the same time, it is the robot cable series of high-flex cables that meet the performance of bending resistance, long life and flexibility.

1.The design of the conductor is the top priority of the bending-resistant cable, and the cable production technology is mostly concentrated in this link

●Plain line design

Strictly select copper materials suitable for bending operations and process them into special thin wires

●Twisted (conductor) design

A special method used to achieve the effect that the burden of bending the conductor in any direction does not change

●Metal wire conductor

Under tension work, special conductors are used to make life longer

Special wire

By knitting a special thread with high elongation performance, the conductor life can be greatly improved

2.The material of the insulator has a great influence on the performance of bending resistance and long life. In order to realize these performances, it is very important that the core wires in the wires have free space, so that when the wires are bent and moved back and forth, the problem of fetters and jams between the inner core wires is not easy to occur, so that there will be no pressure concentration on a certain area. In order to disperse the pressure on the core wire, the high flexible electric following methods are used for cable production:

Hollow out

Through the hollow extrusion method, the outer is formed into a tube shape, thereby leaving a certain space for the inner core wire.

Management of insulator friction coefficient

When the wire is in use, the service life of the wire will be shortened due to the friction between the inner core wires. High-flex cable products use special resin materials with a small friction coefficient to control the friction between the core wires to a minimum.

3.The design of the core wire not only considers the improvement of its bending resistance, but also requires it to inhibit the twisting of the wires when it is used in the drag chain machine.

High-flex cable crystal production abandons the forced cage method used in general wires, and uses a cage stranding machine with special functions to reduce the burden on the conductor.

4.When the wire is bent and used, the braided shield part is initially broken. A common problem in wire manufacturing is that only the core part is paid attention to, but the design of the braided shield part is ignored.

The bending resistant series of high-flex cables use alloy wires, copper foil wires and special wires to extend their service life and achieve excellent results.

5.Even with the use of high-quality materials and a perfect design, there are still many examples of disconnection. For bending-resistant wires, the handling of conductors and wiring parts during production is very important. The disconnection is caused by the connection part. The special processing of the connection part during the manufacturing process of the high-flex cable produced crystal effectively prevents the disconnection problem in the short term after use.






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