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Quality judgment of towline cable

In addition to other basic requirements such as electrical conductivity, weather resistance and environmental characteristics of the towline, the towline cable can also be matched with the equipment. Its basic feature is: it can withstand long-term bending movements and ensure normal operation. Because there may be oil in the drag chain. Other pipes (water, gas, etc.) also need to have oil resistance and a certain tensile strength to ensure the normal operation of the cable. Most of the principles in the design and manufacture of traction cables are similar to those of ordinary cables, but the difference is: the elasticity of the conductor material. The tensile aging resistance of edge materials, the combination of cores, the matching of auxiliary materials, the protection of winding or inner sheath, and the requirements of outer protection. Kit materials and requirements are different from ordinary cables.

How to judge the quality of the drag chain:

First, the general sheathed cable cannot enter the drag chain.

Second, the cable with design defects: the core wire outer diameter is inconsistent, and the careful design is not carried out, resulting in uneven force on all points of the cable and diversion.

In order to increase elasticity and mechanical strength, towline cables generally need to have auxiliary properties, such as reducing the lay length of conventional cables is not feasible.

The outer sheath material, generally a slightly more contractile material, is beneficial to the service life of the cable. Generally, PVC has no outer sheath of towline cable.




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