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Guangzhou Servo Motor Factory, a servo motor specially designed for cutting machines, requires high precision.

Chengjia Cable provides special cables for servo motors, available in three colors of green, purple, and orange. They are insulated with special hard heat-resistant flame-retardant PVC/TPE, stranded finely stranded tinned copper wires, and have strong corrosion resistance. Customized production according to customer requirements, rated voltage: 600/1000V, test voltage: 3500V.

Chengjia Cable is a professional manufacturer of special wires and cables integrating R&D, production and sales. The company’s product range is complete, including: electronic wires, cross-linked wires, motor lead wires, robot wires, car charger wires, new energy cables, rubber waterproof cables, plug power cables, encoder cables, servo cables , Tank chain cables, anti-bending cables, control cables, photovoltaic cables, etc.




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